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Hello. We’re so glad you’re here. We are Zachary and Seth: two brothers with a passion for food and an equally energetic curiosity for the world around us. We grew up here in the Pacific Northwest and we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. In all its abundant drizzle and cloud cover and shades of green, the Northwest is our home, though our family heritage traces lines across the oceans from the Philippines to Croatia. As kids, we spent summers in Hawaii, mesmerized by our Grandma’s feasts, which typically employed all the Filipino aunties of the neighborhood cooking tables full of food. The fascination only grew with time and soon Zachary found himself at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, while Seth studied in Spain fell and love with the Spanish staples. 

Soon after, we both found our feet on the lines of some of Seattle’s most demanding kitchens, honing our craft with celebrated chefs. Brothers was founded with the honest desire to share our cuisine, while creating and producing  based on the concept of a closed-loop system: working with soil that becomes food, food that becomes art, innovating with what remains, and so on and so forth. In all that we do, there is a reverence for usefulness, for enjoying what we have taken to its full potential and a deep appreciation for what the earth provides us. More than anything we want to embrace that sense of connectedness and to find our place in the big picture, one delectable morsel at a time. 

Food is our medium and  we are driven by its power to grow community, and to uphold our commitment to social responsibility. To us, food is an extension of our hearts. With the best that we can source from the growers and the wilderness around us, we share the most delicious creations in a style both familiar and progressive. Our pantry and larder are stocked with the influences of our heritage and our favorite culinary trials. When all the elements line up just right, a bite of food is so much more than what’s on the fork (or spoon, or leaf or chopsticks). It represents our journey through the limitless realms of cuisine with inspirations drawn from our everyday lives and the changing seasons.

 We believe in produce defined by terroir, handmade noodles, fresh herbs, aged vinegars, turbulent stocks, and bright orange yolks. For the most part, we like to let ingredients speak for themselves, but very occasionally we feel a more modern technique will allow them to shine in a new light.  While we never shy away from the creative impulse, our first and ultimate intention is to deliver an experience with food that is deeply satisfying: nourishing to the body, exciting to the senses, and rooted in a conscientious integrity.