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We look forward to creating something unforgettable with you. 

Brothers originated as a catering business, and to this day catering continues to be the area where we see so many of our favorite worlds collide. Private events thread together our desire to create the bespoke experience, drawing from a local network of artisans and purveyors, along with a repertoire of tried and true recipes to create something singular and unforgettable.

We wish nothing more than to create a menu and an event that is uniquely yours. Unlike other catering companies, we do not typically offer a standardized ‘menu selection.’ It starts with us listening to you: to the ideas you already have, the flavors you love, the setting you envision. Our menus always the availability of the seasons, but within this parameter, the sky is truly the limit. 

We are comfortable serving in a wide variety of formats: passed appetizers, buffets, seated family style, individual plating, as well as capable of working within most homes and venues. We pride ourselves on a degree of culinary playfulness, interwoven with an eye for presentation and conscientious attention to detail; there is no unconsidered aspect of our design. Our services are tailored individually and our prices reflect the value of these services. 

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Brothers Setsun 5-Setsun Dinner Club 5-0061.jpg